Our journey is just beginning

Disabled VFW Support Project Call: 1-760-912-1949 12828 Navajo Rd. Fax 1-800-373-2876 Apple Valley, CA 92307. Opens: 9 am – 5 pm Monday thru Friday

To our sincere Community Members,

I would like to personally show my appreciation for your likes, follows and shares of support in putting together a positive force of interest and assistance bettering the atmosphere around our neighborhoods. We’ve grown up and watch our children grow up surrounded by a society that’s too busy to lend a hand or offer a show of affection because we have too much to do to help someone else. When I joined the Navy, just 18 years old and already married and blessed with a handsome baby boy, I couldn’t begin to understand the world opening up to me. I thought that I was joining the Navy just to go to war and fight, but I was wrong. A little more experienced now, and almost 50 years old, my heart shows me that I was just being trained and conditioned to protect my Country, but also instilling positive long term goals, humble integrity and honor to serve, then and now, the society under Her protection. Thank you for reaching out and demonstrating your interest in helping us to offer all the children of our communities a better environment and promising future by volunteering your time and effort in providing assistance to those in need. Something is better than nothing. Donations of clothing, monetary gifts or long term sponsorship of assistance programs, nonperishable food or even just a friendly greeting every now and then will change the future of America’s communities. I am very excited to be a part in the initial start-up of a Disabled Veteran’s Non-profit Organization, which will also focus aggressively on our community citizens. We will be assisting Disabled Veterans of Foreign War’s with information available to us regarding benefits programs, emergency shelters, job opportunities, food and clothing as it is available to us for disbursement. We do welcome any member of the community in need of help, fellowship, transportation, information or even just a positive conversation of our stories of the past. I am positive that if we all work together we can make a change in the direction our neighborhoods grow and a better future for our children, and their children…

I believe that this endeavor of spreading hope to my fellow Brothers in Arms would be public benefit and a way for others like me to reach out and strengthen our faith, focus and goals to succeed in life without loosing touch with our higher power. Please contact me with any type of information pertaining to the assistance, empowerment and well being of the citizens of our communities. I’m learning something new everyday, and living new experiences and proud to be of service with a feeling of being back in Active Duty, doing what I have to do….

Call us today, 1-760-912-1949. We appreciate your feedback, likes, and shares of support. Please bare with us throughout our initial take-off and expansion. Day by day, with your prayers of support, we will grow and make a much needed positive impact in today’s society.

Call, 1-760-912-1949 with your generous thoughts and opinions or just Fax us at: 1-800-373-2876.. One person can make a difference… .

Our Mission Statement
The Disabled VFW Support Project

“Our goal is to build and facilitate a non-profit organization that focuses on, but not solely to, The Disabled Veterans of Foreign Wars by working together with other Community Charities, Government Organizations, Churches and many other Public Benefit Non-profit Organizations around the community that receive donations of food and clothing to the community, provided emergency shelter, help with rehabilitation of the body, Soul and mind, Churches and Charities to provide with individual fellowship and group meetings all for the assistance of providing guidance to help with the struggles of reintegration of the community.”


Miguel A Quinones Sr.
Vet AGAN, US Navy
USS Missouri, BB-63
Long Beach Naval Station

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