Disabled VFW Support Project Call us: 760-912-1949 25032 Clark Rd. Text us: 760-849-7307 Apple Valley, CA 92307. Fax us: 800-373-2876 Opens: 9 am – 5 pm Monday thru Friday


First of all, let me say thank you for reaching out and demonstrating your interest in helping us out with donations of clothing, bank deposit or any type of unperishable food. I am very excited to be a part of the initiation of a non-profit organization specifically focused on assisting disabled veterans of foreign wars that are unaware of the benefits they have access to when they are struggling to succeed. I am now on Social security and I am between my doctor visits and therapy, I believe that this endeavor of spreading hope to my fellow brothers would be public benefit and a way for others like me to reach out and strengthen our faith, focus and goals to succeed in life without loosing touch with our higher power. Please contact me as soon as possible so I can know more about the services your local Churches, Charities or any other Non-profit organization that focuses on the has to offer to help. Call us today 760-912-1949 or you could be the first official business call on our Text message phone at 760-849-7307. Or just Fax us at: 800-373-2876. We have a lot to talk about. .

Our Mission Statement
The Disabled VFW Support Project

“Our goal is to build and facilitate a non-profit organization that focuses on, but not solely to, The Disabled Veterans of Foreign Wars by working together with other Community Charities, Government Organizations, Churches and many other Public Benefit Non-profit Organizations around the community that receive donations of food and clothing to the community, provided emergency shelter, help with rehabilitation of the body, Soul and mind, Churches and Charities to provide with individual fellowship and group meetings all for the assistance of providing guidance to help with the struggles of reintegration of the community.”


Miguel A Quinones Sr.
USS Missouri, BB-63
Long Beach Naval Station

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